Who are we anyway...?

Well, we think it's only fair that you should ask, so we've prepared some little pieces for you to read about us below, together with a couple of photographs so that you can visualise at the same time!

Nicole Schneider

Nicole used to be an actress in an old life – quite a good one! However she realised her passion for the stage may have been dwindling when she started to resent getting jobs because they meant time away from her new horse, Roma… I mean, who needs to rehearse that much anyway?!

Roma changed Nicole’s life in just about every way, but most importantly, her career in the world of horsemanship started as a co-ordinator in 2009, for her now great friend Lyla Cansfield, who having met this horse/human partnership twice, offered an exchange of services, in pity probably, because "you need me much more than you can afford”! The role quickly escalated and Nicole eventually found herself with a ‘mini-business’, co-ordinating for a handful of horsemanship professionals across the globe.


In 2014, Nicole decided it was time to take over the world and knew just the person she wanted to do it with! She and Larisa formed Organised Equestrian in October of that year. They didn’t really know why at the time, but they knew it felt like a good idea. 2015 proved to them that it was. And each year keeps getting better!

Larisa Tasker

Larisa has been fortunate enough to have had horses in her life from a young age. The first time she sat on a horse was at the age of 3 and she has never stopped since.

Horses were always a hobby for Larisa, as a child enjoying local shows and hacking with friends, then riding out race horses on the weekends.

Larisa's work life has been full of many adventures, working in events across Europe and Worldwide, ranging from sporting to corporate.

Larisa's sister, Zaiga took her along to a Parelli demonstration and she was hooked. It was finally time to work with horses, so Larisa embarked on the path to become a Parelli professional. At this time she met many great Horsemen and the one that has influenced her the most is Rachael Morland, 4* Parelli Instructor, who Larisa became close friends with and went on to coordinate for, for many years.

In 2010 Larisa became a 2* Parelli instructor, she then spent the next few years teaching in the field and at the Parelli UK Centre.

Larisa now has her own Equestrian facility in Marlow and is extremely passionate about Natural Horsemanship and learning to be the best horsewoman she can.

Organised Equestrian was a natural fit for Larisa, as she thoroughly enjoys planning and making things happen, her back ground is events and horses are her passion!

In November 2015, Larisa and Nicole bought a small, sparkly, company that they had been working with, because they loved it so much, they just couldn't pass up the opportunity when it came along! 

Glamourati has since featured as part of the displays at Olympia and HOYS, on BBC Countryfile and Channel 4's coverage of the Royal Windsor Horse Show.

Watch this space - it's going to fill the world with glitter!




In January 2018, Organised Equestrian became official distributors for Parelli Natural Horsemanship in the UK. Check out the new Parelli UK web shop at www.parelliuk.com

Larisa & Nicole enjoying Wally Gegenschatz's Clinic in 2015